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RE:V - Takeda, Rikuto by naochiko RE:V - Takeda, Rikuto by naochiko

Referred by DarthRose/DarthDoodles

Basic Info:

Name: Takeda, Rikuto
Nicknames: Riku, Rick
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Height: 185.9 cm
Weight: 83.2 kg
Birthdate & Star Sign: May 15 [Taurus]
District: Nakasu
Education/Job: College dropout from Ooi University / Full-time bartender


RE:V | CIRCE by cheonsu

Tag Tattoo Location: Left shoulder


RE:V COIL - Antares by naochiko
Name: Antares 
Species: Siberian Husky
Gender: Female
Personality: Submissive / Obedient / Good listener / Envious / Somewhat Aggressive
Antares is submissive and obedient towards Rikuto, and she only follows his orders. She listens to him when he vents about his personal problems and she always tries to give him practical advice. When she is around other allmates, she is quiet and aloof, and she will only socialize with them when she is ordered to do so. She has a tendency of becoming envious and a little aggressive towards her master's female friends and acquaintances.


Positive: Sociable / Hospitable / Confident
Rikuto is the type of person who would approach other people and initiate conversations with them. He is kind and welcoming, and he often invites his friends and acquaintances to his home. Even though he sees that he still has plenty of room for improvement, he is confident in himself and his personal abilities. He doesn't feel intimidated or inferior towards those who have greater social status or skill; instead, he sees himself as their equals and he treats them the way he normally treats others.

Mixed: Compliant / Sensitive / Indecisive
Though he may have different views from other people, he usually just agrees to their statements in order to avoid getting entangled in unnecessary arguments. He is also able to compromise and make small sacrifices for the sake of getting along with others, even though he personally doesn't want to do it. To him, it doesn't matter whether or not he enjoyed spending the day with his guests, as long as they're happy spending time with him. 
Riku is sensitive in that he is able to detect when someone is uncomfortable or sad, and he will stay with them so that he could express his commiseration. Of course, he is also quick to catch on to insults or sarcasm, which may easily offend him. 
He can be very indecisive when it comes to making important decisions, mostly because he's the type of person who has poor judgement. In order for him to decide, he usually needs a lot of time to think as well as receiving plenty of advice from others. Because of this, he often misses out on a lot of good opportunities.

Negative: Fickle / Insincere / Aggressive 
He is fickle in a sense where he often changes his mind about his decisions, loyalties, or feelings towards other people. The way he feels about others usually depends on their actions or circumstances. Though he may be friends with someone for years, he may end up despising them over a single heated argument. He might also distance himself if they get involved in some sort of scandal, depending on how bad it is. 
There are many times where he will flatter other people so that he could boost their morale, and he tries to make himself sound very convincing so that they may end up liking him. He is also easily provoked when someone hurls insults or is clearly trying to pick a fight with him. Though he won't resort to violence, he will immediately retaliate by giving sarcastic remarks. He hates being treated with condescension, and he will immediately dislike those who treat him in such a way. 


Rikuto was born in Kyuujuuminku but his family moved to Nakasu after his father received a job promotion. He met his next-door neighbor, Ryoji, and they instantly became friends. Because they attended the same schools and got along with each other, they eventually became like brothers. When he entered college, he lived in a dormitory with his best friend and decided to major in engineering to please his father. He, however, lost motivation later on since it proved to be too difficult for him. Even though he wanted to drop out and start working, the only thing that kept him from doing that was his best friend because he would be separated from him if he were to do that. 
By the end of that year, Ryoji abruptly announced that he and his family were permanently moving overseas. After he left, Riku felt depressed and alone, so he eventually stopped attending classes and dropped out of college. After that, he decided to move out of the house to start working. After living on his own, he decided to move in with his older sister, Suzuki, because he was lonely and unable to afford paying for his rent. Then, he decided to buy a Siberian Husky allmate to keep him company because he still felt lonely without Ryoji. Though their relationship was a bit awkward at first, he eventually became close to her after his co-workers convinced him to play Rhyme.

Rikuto was born in a middle-class home in Kyuujuuminku, where he lived with his parents and older sister, Suzuki. His father, Souji, was the sole breadwinner of the family and he worked tirelessly as an engineer for a prestigious company. He spent most of his time working rather than staying at home, and so their children became very close to their stay-at-home mom, Shiho, instead. Riku admired how the whole family depended on his father and he wanted to become like him when he grew up. Even though he loved and revered his father, he found it difficult to relate or bond with him since they didn't have much in common and he always came home tired from work. 
By the time he was five, his father received a job promotion and so their family moved to Nakasu. That was when he met his next-door neighbor, Ryoji, and they instantly became friends. The two of them often went to each other's houses to play and have sleepovers on a weekly basis. The fact that they were both the same age and attended the same school made them much closer, and they eventually became best friends. 
During his years in high school, he and Ryoji were always together to the point that people often teased them of their intimate friendship. They didn't care, of course, and they continued to go on as they were. On their last year, the two of them ended up having a crush on the same girl, but he immediately gave up his interest towards her for the sake of their friendship. To him, his best friend meant more than his other friends and acquaintances because he was like a brother to him. 
When Riku graduated from high school, he transferred into Ooi university and lived in a dormitory with Ryoji. He decided to major in engineering so that he could please his father by following his footsteps. During that time, Suzuki had already graduated from college with a plan of furthering her education to be a high school teacher. Everything went well on his first year since all he took were his general education courses. On his second year, however, he began to lose his motivation to study when his major subjects proved to be too difficult for him. In fact, he wasn't even sure if he wanted to become an engineer in the first place. He felt depressed that he wasn't able to fulfill his father's expectations, and he wanted to drop out and start working instead. At the time, the only thing that kept him from doing that was his best friend, since he would be separated from him if he were to stop attending college. 
On the end of their second year, Ryoji abruptly announced that he and his family were permanently moving overseas because his father was petitioned by the company that he worked in. At first, Ryoji was reluctant to come with them, but he decided to go because he wanted to stay with his family and to live a life outside of Japan. He grew weary of living in the same place for nearly twenty years and he wanted to see new places, meet new people, and to live a new life. Even though he wanted to stay with his best friend, he wanted to pursue his own dreams and ambitions, and he hoped that Rikuto would understand and remain friends with him.
However, upon hearing his reason for leaving, Rikuto became very upset because thought that he was being selfish. He didn't speak to him until the last week before he moved out because he realized that what he did was immature, and he wanted to reconcile with him before parting ways. The two of them made up and had a tearful conversation before heading off to the airport to greet him goodbye. Shortly after that, he became depressed and felt alone. Eventually, he stopped attending classes altogether and dropped out of college. 
When his father heard of what he had done, he became furious because he was wasting his precious time and hard-earned money. After that incident, Rikuto shortly moved out of the house because he was tired of being schooled. The first job he took on was a convenience store cashier and he was barely getting by with what little salary he earned. Because he felt lonely and couldn't afford paying the rent on his own, he asked Suzuki, who was now a full-time high school teacher, if he could live with her. Without hesitation, she agreed to his request since she was only living with Niko, her Welsh Corgi allmate. A few weeks after he moved in, he saw a job opening for a nightclub nearby and decided to apply as a bartender. After getting the job, Riku volunteered to split the rent with her so that he wouldn't feel like a freeloader.
Several months after settling in, he still felt lonely without his best friend. He thought that he could be eased from his loneliness if he were to buy an allmate of his own because he noticed how close Niko and Suzuki were to one another. Once he saved up enough money, he purchased a Siberian Husky allmate and named her Antares. 
Their relationship was very awkward at first because he was trying to make her act the way Ryoji treated him. Antares acted more like a disciplined servant rather than a chummy best friend because she was programmed to be quiet, behaved, and submissive. Eventually, he became close to her after his co-workers convinced him to play Rhyme. Even though he was an amateur, he thought it was fun and he enjoyed how well they worked together. He eventually got used to his allmate's personality and he even found it endearing. 
After a while, Riku was finally able to move on after being so hung up over his best friend. Even though he's still a college dropout, he enjoys working as a full-time bartender, though he does have plans of coming back to school someday. During his free time, he often plays Rhyme or socialize with others. 


Sudou, Ryoji [Age 24]:
He is Riku's best friend and former neighbor. The two of them have known each other for nineteen years and they consider themselves as brothers. They attended the same elementary, middle, and high school together and so they have become so intimate with one another. During the first two years of college, they even shared a dorm room together and they would often have sleepovers in each others houses. Because of that, many people would usually get the wrong idea about their relationship since they're always seen together. Even though he moved overseas, he still makes sure to keep in touch with him through e-mails and phone calls. 

Antares: [Allmate]
She is Riku's confidant and second opinion. Her name is derived from the seventeenth brightest star in the constellation Scorpius. When Ryoji moved overseas, he decided to buy an allmate to ease himself from his loneliness. Their relationship seemed a bit awkward at first since he was trying to make her fill the void that Ryoji left behind. Later on, when he started playing Rhyme, the two of them became closer to one another and she has become like family to him. They have known each other for over a year now and he deeply cherishes her. 

Takeda, Souji [Age 58]:
He is Rikuto's father and his former role model. He is a diligent engineer and the sole breadwinner of the family. Ever since he was young, they weren't very close since his father wasn't at home and he usually spent all his time working. The two of them are currently not in good terms because he is still upset by the fact that his son dropped out of college. 

Takeda, Shiho [Age 56]:
She is Rikuto's mother. She is a loving homemaker that cares for her family. Unlike her husband, she tends to be more lenient on their children and she is generally supportive with their decisions. Rikuto and Suzuki are more comfortable around her than they are with their father since she's also open-minded. The two of them love her so much because she's willing to accept them for their mistakes and shortcomings. She often visits them and brings them some homemade cooking every month. 

Takeda, Suzuki [Age 28]:
She is Rikuto's older sister and housemate. He currently lives with her in a two-bedroom apartment and the two of them split the rent. Despite their four-year age gap, the two of them share a lot of hobbies and interests in common, and they get along very well with each other. He is also concerned about his sister's love life since she's never had a boyfriend before. Many times, he would introduce his male friends to her in hopes that a romantic spark can occur, but nothing usually happens. Even though she doesn't play Rhyme, she owns a Welsh Corgi allmate named Niko. 


+ Rock / Dubstep / Techno music
+ Wearing rings
+ Cars, motorcycles, and whatever's fast with wheels.
+ Good / polite girls

- Having scratches or dents on his motorcycle
- Wild / rowdy / aggressive girls
- Hot weather
- Rap music

Additional Information:

- He owns a motorcycle.
- Sometimes he drives his sister's car when he has to run important errands and such.
- If you ever walk in his room, you'll see the walls covered in motorcycle and sports car posters. (No pin-up models, of course)
- The nightclub that he works in requires all employees to be called by an English name. His employer gave him the name "Rick" and he's gotten used to being called that ever since.
- The shark tooth necklace that he's wearing was a gift that Ryoji gave to him. Ever since he moved overseas, he makes sure to wear it everyday so that he could remember the times that they spent together. 
- He is up-to-date with all the popular songs on the radio since they always play music at work. 
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