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August 5, 2013
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CA - Aria Cicero Farron by naochiko CA - Aria Cicero Farron by naochiko
For :iconcolossus-atrox:
I told myself no more RP groups but it's SnK--HOW COULD I RESIST--:iconomgcryplz:
Me and *SarimNarim made married ocs for this group because hngg why not fnbdhjsbfjsdf /////


Basic Info:

Name: Aria Cicero Farron
Squad: Stationary Guard
Gender: Female
Height: 173 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Age: 23


:bulletgreen:Wedding Ring: A ring made out of pure silver topped with a sapphire diamond. Given to her by Ryker, her husband.
:bulletgreen:Green Ribbon: A fashion accessory which can be used as a bowtie or hairtie.
:bulletgreen:Mint Leaves: Leaves bound together by a small rubber band; Can be used as a hair accessory, whistle, or can be boiled in hot water to make tea.
:bulletgreen:Green Gem Earrings: Fashion accessory; Looks nice, no?


(+/-) Reserved: Aria is the kind of woman who doesn't open up to people immediately, especially with men. Rather, she is cautious and observant to those around her

(+/-) Selective: Thought she may know a lot of people, she only considers most as acquaintances; She specifically chooses a few to be called her friends and are the ones whom she trusts and loves. The closest ones to her heart is Ryker, her mother, and brother.

(+/-)Loyal: Whether they're right or wrong, she will side with the ones whom she loves. She shows deep love and devotion only to her hand-picked few.

(+) Polite: She is very hospitable and affable. She is always seen with a smile on her face and readily speaks to others when approached. Aria is particularly warm and welcoming to other women.

(+) Careful: Aria usually thinks before she speaks (except on certain occasions...). She hates acting rash and making impulsive decisions; she weighs the benefits and consequences first before doing things.

(+) Romantic: She always brainstorm ideas on how to please her spouse during her free time. It is important for her to always rekindle her affections towards him in order to make their marriage more pleasant.

(-) Envious: Being a married woman, she dislikes seeing other women being too familiar with her spouse. Her cordial affection can immediately turn into hatred to those whom she thinks are trying to get close to Ryker in an intimate level. However, she never blames or takes it out on him because of her deep trust and affection.

(-) Grudgeful: Aria often forgives those who have wronged her but she never forgets. She often develops a deep passion of hatred to those who harm her loved ones.


Aria was born and raised inside the walls of Rose in a middle-class home of four, having a father, mother, and younger brother. Her father, Adonis, was a merchant and a religious wall-worshipper while her mother, Sayra, was a loving homemaker; Aria has a close relationship with her younger brother, Alain, who was four years younger than her. Though the Cicero family wasn't all that wealthy, they were quite respectable for their great kindness and hospitality. Throughout her childhood, she lived a normal and happy life just like any child would.

However, her world and the lives of many others changed drastically after the fall of Shiganshina. Not only did the titan invasion bring many to their deaths but it brought fear and terror to those who lived upon the inner walls. Her father believed that the reason why Wall Maria was breached was because of the lack of faith and worship the civilians had for the sacred walls. Not too long after that, he began spending hours and hours on end, bowing and praying to the walls for their safety and protection, causing Adonis to neglect his family altogether. Aria confronted her father in rage which miserably resulted to him completely abandoning their family. Instead, he became a priest among the wall worshipers and decided to live in the convents.

The Cicero family was in great despair over the loss of Adonis and was at the the brink of dissipation until hope began to spring back up in their lives. Many civilians from Wall Maria migrated to Wall Rose as refugees and that was when they met the Farrons, a family of two consisting of an uncle and his nephew, and became their neighbors. Aria became close friends with Ryker, whom is two years older than her, and grew up the rest of the years together with him. He was very kind and supportive to her and her family which caused her feelings of admiration to develop into love.

After graduating high school, she confessed her feelings to him and they became a couple. A few years after that, Ryker proposed to her and they became married, though it was only a civil wedding due to financial reasons. The two moved out and lived separately from their families though they still supported them financially. Though the married life was blissful for them, they began to have problems because of their financial difficulties. Ryker's occupation as a mechanic apprentice wasn't enough to provide for the two of them so he decided to work as a soldier.

Ryker had originally planned to join the scouting legion but Aria begged him to join the stationary guards instead, in fear of losing him in battle. She pleaded to him that there would be nothing left to protect if he were to die in combat and that she'd rather suffer by his side than to wither in despair, worrying about him. Ryker was reluctant, at first, on having her work alongside with him but soon agreed. The newlywed couple are now working side-by-side as stationary guards officers, serving the civilians of Wall Rose.


Aria wants to make sure that the lives of their future children would be safe and that they wouldn't have to live in fear of the Titans. At the same time, she also desires the safety of their extended families.
She would much rather die alongside her husband and to weather all their trials together than to be consumed in worry for him.
Working as stationary guard officers can provide a steady income and it will allow them to comfortably raise a family of their own. If they are able to save up enough money, they plan on renewing their vows and having a proper ceremonial wedding.

:bulletorange:Additional Info::bulletorange:


- Spending time with family and friends.
- Jewelry.
- Friendly/humble/kind people.
- Ryker :heart::heart::heart:
- Being called "Ryker's wife/spouse/girl/lover/woman/etc."
- Cuddling/kissing/PDA :iconheplz:


- Frogs, rats, insects, etc.
- Women/Men flies trying to hit on her man
- Wall Worshipers
- Her father.
- People who don't know their place.
- People flirting with her.


- Always ties her hair up in a bun when she's on-duty.
- When she's off-duty, she removes her ribbon and turns it into a bowtie.
- Loves mint-flavored things.
- Favorite color is green.
- Old-fashioned.

:bulletpurple:RP Sample (Task 2):bulletpurple:


Aria: *Aria wasn't the type of woman to confront others publicly, but right after hearing the news of her father's negligence to their family, she storms out of the house and finds her father prostrating before the lifeless walls, crying and pleading for mercy. She grabs him by the collar, taking him by surprise, and pulls him up in rage, glaring furiously at him.* So this is what you've been contributing to the family as our father? Haven't you been thinking about what's going to happen to the family if you just sit there all day, playing hooky and calling it church?!
Adonis:*Before she could even utter another word, he swiftly slaps her across the face, causing her to release him from her grip and to fall on the ground. Tears spontaneously flowed from her eyes as she looked upon him in bitter contempt. He gazed upon her condescendingly, wiping dust off his clothes were her hands had touched him.* You infidel. Don't you realize that the only reason we've been alive is because of the faith the civilians had on these sacred walls?


When Ryker told her that he had planned to become a soldier in the scouting league, her expression spontaneously changed from hopeful to worried. For a moment, Aria watched him walk away from her; then, she immediately ran after him and embraced him from behind.
"Please, don't--I--".
Tears began to flow from her eyes as she tries to imagine herself waiting for months on end, waiting for him to return home. She also imagined soldiers knocking at her door and greeting her with grievous faces, telling her that he had tragically died in combat. She didn't want be apart from her husband, her love of her life, nevertheless lose him permanently. Aria shook her head as she tightly wrapped her arms around him.
"What's left to protect if I don't have you? Ryker, I'd rather be by your side through trials and turmoil than to wither in despair, worrying about you!!"
Aria releases him from her embrace and faces him, holding his face close to hers.
"Let's join the stationary guard together! It's much safer and the salary is just as much--Just--don't go!! P-Please let me fight by your side!"

:bulletblack:Task 3:bulletblack:

Aria Cicero Farron (c) *naochiko
Ryker Farron(c) *SarimNarim
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